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By-elections in Northern Cyprus scheduled for June 25th

By-elections in Northern Cyprus scheduled for June 25th

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is set to hold parliamentary and local by-elections on June 25th, following the resignation of People's Party leader and Lefkoşa MP Kudret Özersay from his post in June last year.

Publish Date: 29/05/23 15:19
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By-elections in Northern Cyprus scheduled for June 25th
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The parliamentary by-election will fill the empty seat of the Lefkoşa district MP, while one muhtarlık (village head) and 50 council of elder members' vacant positions in five towns will also be filled.

According to TRNC election regulations, only independent candidates can run for the positions of muhtar and council of elder members. So far, the four political parties represented in the parliament and two non-parliamentary parties have announced their candidates for the parliamentary by-election. The coalition government partners UBP, DP, and YDP will nominate their candidates, as well as Sami Özuslu from the main opposition party CTP. The non-parliamentary parties TDP and Bağımsızlık Yolu have announced Tacan Reynar and Umut Ersoy as their candidates, respectively. Additionally, Abdullah Korkmazhan, Meriç Erülkü, Çetin Sadeli, and Talip Sancar have declared their intention to run as independent candidates.

The provisional candidate lists will be announced on June 1st, and the final candidates will be declared on June 4th. On the same day, drawing lots for wall posters to be displayed in designated areas of the respective town councils will be carried out. The electoral campaign period will last until June 24th. 

The election authorities will announce the lists of voters on June 3rd, which will be displayed for four days. The definitive candidate lists will be announced on June 4th, following any appeals. The High Election Board will determine the order of the candidates' names on the ballot by drawing lots on June 5th. Political parties seeking to conduct propaganda on BRT TV will need to submit their application to the High Election Board by June 6th.

Finally, voters will go to the polls on June 25th to cast their ballots, and the preliminary results are expected to be announced on the same day.

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