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TCMA: We Will Insist on Clarifying the "Prescription Fraud" Incident

TCMA: We Will Insist on Clarifying the "Prescription Fraud" Incident

The Turkish Cypriot Medical Association (TCMA) has announced that they have formed a research committee within the association regarding the "prescription fraud" incident.

Publish Date: 25/09/23 13:57
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TCMA: We Will Insist on Clarifying the "Prescription Fraud" Incident
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In a statement made by the TCMA, it was emphasized that the association is open to cooperation with judicial authorities in addition to its commitment to legal processes, justice, and fair trial in the recent "prescription fraud" case, which has come to light in recent days and is currently undergoing legal proceedings.

The TCMA's management board considers it its duty to closely monitor the incident, and the statement also mentioned that the incident should be evaluated in terms of professional ethics and rules within the framework of the association's law.

Therefore, a research committee has been established specifically for this incident within the TCMA, according to the statement. The committee will request details and evidence from the Police General Directorate regarding the incident, evaluate and report on it within the framework of professional ethics and rules, and conduct the necessary investigation within the scope of the TCMA law.

The statement also highlighted that doctors should not forget that the fundamental factor in the practice of the medical profession is the trust relationship between patients and doctors.

The statement further said, "In the wake of the emergence of the 'prescription fraud' incident, there is great sadness among doctors, and there is a persistent desire for the incident to be clarified. Every member of the TCMA is aware of the value of the medical profession's position for our country. Therefore, we want to convey that members of our professional organization are committed and willing to take a stand for the detection and proof of actions by doctors that violate professional ethics and rules. Thanks to the commitment and desire of our members, any investigation conducted by the TCMA management board within the framework of the TCMA law will be carried out transparently and fairly, and technical support that may be requested by the police and judicial authorities will be provided."

The statement concluded by requesting that the incident be completed transparently, fairly, and at a reasonable pace, with the necessary actions taken.

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