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Erhürman Accuses Government of Causing Billions in Damage with Non-Competitive Fuel Procurement

Erhürman Accuses Government of Causing Billions in Damage with Non-Competitive Fuel Procurement

Tufan Erhürman, the leader of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), claimed that the state has been "knowingly subjected to billions of dollars in damage" as a result of the government's non-competitive fuel procurement, initiated with the allegation of "damage to the state through fuel procurement with tenders." Erhürman spoke on the subject in the TRNC General Assembly today.

Publish Date: 27/11/23 16:16
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Erhürman Accuses Government of Causing Billions in Damage with Non-Competitive Fuel Procurement
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Erhürman stated that the reasoned decision of a lawsuit filed by a private company against Kıb-Tek (Turkish Cypriot Electricity Authority) was issued a few days ago, emphasizing that this decision contains "instructive findings." He read some provisions of the relevant court decision and drew attention to the court's decision to pay $343,854 in compensation to the plaintiff company.

Claiming that the actions taken to prevent the damage caused even more harm, Erhürman highlighted that Kıb-Tek admitted to being damaged throughout the process due to the non-competitive procurement. He mentioned that Kıb-Tek considered approximately $3 million in fuel procurement, around $9 million in payments made for electricity purchased from the south, and all payments made for sample analyses and additional operations of gas turbines as "damage."

Erhürman argued that the court decision explicitly acknowledged that millions of Turkish Liras in damage were admitted by Kıb-Tek and emphasized that this is a reason for resignation not just once but five times.

Questioning why the explanation for why non-competitive procurement was not given, Erhürman accused the government of pursuing the "desire for non-competitive fuel procurement." He stated that each line of the court decision is a source of shame.

Referring to the fact that the court decision did not find any explanation for why non-competitive procurement was chosen, Erhürman questioned, "Why didn't you explain?" He claimed that everything resulted from the "desire to procure fuel without a tender."

Erhürman pointed out that although the court ordered the release of the plaintiff company's performance bond, Kıb-Tek did not comply with this instruction. He emphasized that, in addition to the damage, compensation would also be paid and argued that this money should be reclaimed according to the Good Governance Law.

CTP MP Fazilet Özdenefe also argued that the incident constituted a crime under the Penal Code.

Regarding the sale of property to foreigners, Erhürman criticized a decision by the Council of Ministers dated November 23, allowing a foreign company to purchase nearly 50 acres of land in Düzova without specifying the investment purpose. Erhürman criticized the lack of a statement about the investment purpose in the decision and demanded reasoned explanations in Council of Ministers decisions.

Erhürman also criticized Prime Minister Ünal Üstel for his statement in the media about the National Unity Party's (UBP) congress, where he allegedly informed Turkey about the UBP congress to be held in September 2024. Erhürman questioned whether there is a provision in the Political Parties Law that requires informing Turkey about congresses, criticizing the existing relationship with the Republic of Turkey.


Source: TAK

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