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Theocharous to Remain in Custody for Another 4 Days

Theocharous to Remain in Custody for Another 4 Days

Lefteris Theocharous, a Greek Cypriot, who was detained at the Metehan Border Crossing while attempting to enter the TRNC with drugs hidden in his underwear, will remain in custody for another 4 days as part of the ongoing investigation. Theocharous was stopped at the Metehan Border Crossing based on a tip, and during the search, narcotics were found in his undergarments.

Publish Date: 28/11/23 13:52
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Theocharous to Remain in Custody for Another 4 Days
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Police officer Serkan Sakallı presented the facts in court, stating that they received information on November 23, 2023, that the suspect would import drugs into the TRNC. They set up an ambush at the Metehan Border Crossing at 18:02, stopping the suspect in a vehicle with license plate NPA 042.

During the search, the police found 10 grams of a cocaine-like substance in transparent stretch nylon inside the suspect's underwear. According to the investigation, the suspect admitted to purchasing the narcotics for 300 Euros from an unidentified person in South Cyprus on the same day. He claimed that he imported the drugs into the TRNC for personal use and entertainment.

The suspect had appeared in court on November 23, and a 3-day detention order was issued. During this period, the narcotics were sent for analysis, and the fingerprint examination of the wrapped nylon was conducted.

The police revealed that the suspect had crossed from South Cyprus to North Cyprus several times, and there was strong evidence that he had previously imported drugs into the country. The investigation is ongoing, awaiting further statements and analysis results. The police requested that the suspect be held in custody for another 4 days, a request granted by Judge Zehra Yalkut Bilgeç.

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