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Tufan Erhürman: They Confessed to Harming the Country

Tufan Erhürman: They Confessed to Harming the Country

Tufan Erhürman, the leader of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), highlighted that the "government" is in the news every day due to new scandals. He emphasized that the mentality in question harmed the country by purchasing fuel without a tender and even confessed to it.

Publish Date: 29/11/23 13:28
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Tufan Erhürman: They Confessed to Harming the Country
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CTP leader Tufan Erhürman was a guest on the program called "Sabah Postası" prepared and presented by Gökhan Altıner on Kıbrıs Postası Web TV, where he made statements on various topics.

Starting with the energy issue, Erhürman emphasized that the so-called "government" first emerged with the enthusiasm to purchase fuel without a tender. Erhürman recalled that the structure called the government stated, "These tenders are not complete; we are losing money as a result of these tenders; we will buy fuel without a tender," and claimed that they would even reduce bills. Erhürman reminded that the CTP emphasized many times that these processes should be done with tenders and said, "We said we could experience a quality problem with fuel without a tender, and it could be expensive. There was a provision in the contract. According to the contract, if KIB-TEK says it needs it and the necessary conditions are met, even though the contract period has expired, the relevant company was obligated to transport fuel for another 3 months. They neither announced a new tender nor used the 3-month chance in the contract. They said they would bring fuel without a tender. As always, they didn't listen to anyone and did it. We said you would cause damage. We got the documents and announced the amount of damage to the public," Erhürman said.


Erhürman also reminded that the relevant company filed a lawsuit claiming that it was harmed and emphasized that the court ruled in favor of the company, saying, "The court said you will pay $340,000 to the company. $340,000 was damaged to the institution. The court also says to this administration separately, 'What kind of mentality is this? You have turned lawlessness into a system,'" he said. Erhürman, pointing out that the so-called government harmed the country by purchasing fuel without a tender, emphasized that they confessed to harming the country due to the purchase of fuel without a tender. Tufan Erhürman said, "They report themselves in absent-mindedness. With the enthusiasm to buy fuel without a tender, by not using the 3 months in the contract and only creating a price difference of 3.5 million, they caused damage. Electricity had to be bought very expensively from the south. $9 million was also paid to the south," he said. Pointing out that millions of dollars were also paid as diesel money, Erhürman stated that all of this was done to buy fuel without a tender.


Reminding Erhan Arıklı's statement, "A hand-delivered tender was made before me," Erhürman drew attention to the fact that Arıklı's statements are exactly a criminal complaint. Pointing out that there is a court decision, Erhürman indicated that there is nothing beyond this. Erhürman continued, "This is not corruption; it is directly harming the state. They confess to causing millions of dollars in damage," he said. Stressing that it was also admitted that $9 million had to be paid to the south according to the court decision, Erhürman said, "We are talking about $9 million in a country where schools are collapsing. Does the mentality that did this have the right to say, 'I will manage this country'?" he asked. Highlighting that there is also a political cost to the issue, Erhürman commented on the structure called the government, which makes something "explode" every day. Reminding of the 15% increase in electricity, Erhürman expressed that these damages are also included in those bills.


Erhürman emphasized that this mentality is looking into the eyes of the people and causing harm to the country 24 hours a day. Commenting on the statements of Ünal Üstel and Hasan Taçoy about the UBP congress, Tufan Erhürman continued as follows: "They say we informed Turkey about the date of the congress. They say that we will hold the congress on this date, and this is known to Turkey. They can't talk about anything without approval. The party claiming to govern the country admits that it does not run its own party. What more does this community expect? Will we take this to court too?" Pointing out that the issue of selling real estate to foreigners has been discussed for weeks, Erhürman drew attention to the fact that 50 acres in Düzova were given to a foreign company for an investment whose purpose is unknown. Reiterating that KIB-TEK was harmed by millions of dollars, Erhürman said, "This damage will be paid. This issue is beyond the court stage. In underdeveloped countries, even one of these incidents is a reason for resignation five times," he said.


Pointing out that the so-called government subsidized the Greek Cypriot electricity authority by $9 million, Erhürman said, "Probably the Greek Cypriots balanced their electricity bills with this money." Emphasizing that the mentality in question continues to undermine the state by saying the state, Erhürman said, "Those who praise relations with Turkey have brought relations to this point," he said. Saying that the only salvation for this people is to get rid of this mentality as soon as possible, Erhürman asked, "I don't care about the presidential election. The presidential election is in October 2025, and there is another year and a half. We haven't finished 2023 yet. Can this mentality manage this country for another year and a half until 2025, and what will it find?" he asked. Using the expression "Look at the condition of the people on the street in this country. See how they try to get by. Can they dream of buying a house? Can they think about renting? Can they think about buying a car?" Erhürman said that this mentality must get off the people's backs as soon as possible.


Source: Kıbrıs Postası

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