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Republic of Cyprus Persists in Seeking Active Engagement from the EU

Republic of Cyprus Persists in Seeking Active Engagement from the EU

The spokesperson for the Cyprus Republic, Konstantinos Letimbiotis, announced that they would continue their diplomatic contacts to urge the EU to become more actively involved in the Cyprus issue.

Publish Date: 21/02/24 13:41
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Republic of Cyprus Persists in Seeking Active Engagement from the EU
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According to Haravgi, Letimbiotis' statements during his weekly regular press briefing were reported under the headline "Hristodulidis Government Insists on EU's More Active Intervention in the Cyprus Issue!... Evaluation of Facts Regarding the Annulment of the Turkish-Libyan Agreement."

Letimbiotis stated that the approach of the Cyprus Republic to make the EU more active in the Cyprus issue has not changed, saying, "We believe that the EU's more active involvement could act as a catalyst for the resumption of negotiations and the resolution of the Cyprus problem."

He added, "From the discussions held, it emerged that the first step in this direction was the appointment of a representative by the UN Secretary-General, which we and our European partners welcomed. This is an argument that we have never given up on and will continue to pursue in our diplomatic contacts."

Responding to a journalist's reminder that the EU did not seem interested in the issue, Letimbiotis pointed out that the UN Secretary-General's Personal Representative had already made his first visit to the island and that his visit to Brussels was expected. He emphasized, "It's not an easy argument, but we believe it is in the interest of the process, and we will continue our efforts in this direction."

Regarding another question, Letimbiotis mentioned that the President of the Cyprus Republic, Nikos Hristodulidis, is in regular communication with the UN Secretary-General's Personal Representative, Maria Angela Holguin Cuellar. He also noted that during Holguin's second visit to the island in the second half of March, she would meet with Hristodulidis, President Ersin Tatar, and civil society representatives.

Responding to a question about the invitation of President Ersin Tatar to the Turkic Council (TDT) meeting to be held in Azerbaijan in July by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Spokesperson Letimbiotis stated, "The government is taking all the expected initiatives through all available channels."

Regarding how the annulment of the Turkey-Libya memorandum of understanding by the Tripoli Court of Appeals is perceived by the Cyprus Republic and whether it could change Turkey's plans in the region, Letimbiotis said, "This will change the facts as far as it can change the facts; (changing facts) are being evaluated constantly."

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