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Fisher Discusses UN Representative Holguin's Need for Space and Time

Fisher Discusses UN Representative Holguin's Need for Space and Time

US Ambassador Julie Fisher stated that UN Secretary-General's Personal Representative Maria Angela Holguin needs "time and space."

Publish Date: 16/04/24 11:49
reading time: 3 min.
Fisher Discusses UN Representative Holguin's Need for Space and Time
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The Fileleftheros newspaper reported under the headline "Time and Space for the Representative - US Does Not Agree with Tight Schedules for Holguin's Mission" that Fisher, speaking at the "Delphi Economic Forum" in Greece, expressed her disagreement with the notion that Holguin's mission should be tied to tight schedules.

In her speech, Fisher emphasized the importance of the current presence of a UN representative, stating, "I believe that a representative at this level needs time to find common ground." She also highlighted her belief that it would be better for such negotiations to be conducted quietly, through silent dialogues.

Regarding the role of Holguin's mission in finding common ground to bring the parties to the negotiation table, Fisher expressed her belief that "this is the job of the Representative." She acknowledged the differences between the positions of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot sides, stating that the Representative's task is to bridge these differences.

Fisher further elaborated that while there are publicly declared positions, behind-the-scenes negotiations often reveal common interests and ground for agreement.

The newspaper continued by reporting that the Greek Cypriot government has repeatedly called on Turkey to cooperate for the success of the Representative's mission. Similar statements were attributed to the Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the UN, Maria Mihail, who asserted that Turkey continues to reject the UN-approved framework for a solution, insisting on a two-state solution and obstructing efforts for a resolution.

In her remarks, Mihail reiterated familiar Greek Cypriot positions and called on Turkey to contribute to the revitalization of the peace process aimed at achieving a comprehensive solution as outlined in UN Security Council resolutions.

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