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Özuslu: "Stop Hiding Behind Ankara"

Özuslu: "Stop Hiding Behind Ankara"

During today's parliamentary session , CTP (Republican Turkish Party) Member of Parliament Sami Özuslu addressed a survey conducted by the Migration Identity and Rights Studies Center, which was published yesterday.

Publish Date: 16/04/24 15:21
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Özuslu: "Stop Hiding Behind Ankara"
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Özuslu began his remarks by criticizing the Prime Minister and ministers for not responding to opposition questions, urging the government to "stop hiding behind Ankara" and calling for early elections.

Referring to the survey conducted by the Migration Identity and Rights Studies Center, Özuslu mentioned that respondents ranked the country's most significant issues as "economic problems, inflation, incompetent political leaders, the Cyprus issue, low wages, high cost of living, and corruption." He noted that 62% of participants expressed belief that the economy would worsen within the next two years. According to the survey, Özuslu also pointed out that the least trusted institutions were the "President, Government, and Parliament," remarking, "No matter how much you boast, it's not enough."

Özuslu also highlighted that according to the survey, healthcare was considered the most unsuccessful area by the public, stating, "When healthcare and education are struggling in a country, it's a message to 'close shop.'"

Addressing the decision to include lamb meat in the supervised goods category for one month and limit its price to 550 TL, Özuslu remarked, "Lamb meat is not being sold for 550 TL; it has either been withdrawn from the market or fallen into the black market." He questioned, "What was your aim?"

Özuslu also pointed out that a significant portion of the meat comes illegally from the south, emphasizing the need to address how illegal meat can be legalized instead of making the issue of imported meat a priority.

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