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15 Fires in the Past Week

15 Fires in the Past Week

The Fire Brigade in Northern Cyprus has reported a significant number of incidents over the past week, with a total of 15 fires and 20 special service cases recorded between May 20 and May 26. The damage from these fires has amounted to approximately 1,182,100 TL.

Publish Date: 27/05/24 14:01
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15 Fires in the Past Week
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The reported causes of the fires include electrical short circuits, improperly discarded cigarette butts, out-of-control fires set for cleaning purposes, arson, sparks from touching electrical wires due to wind, sparks from welding machines igniting dry grass, and sparks from a bakery oven igniting wooden materials.

The Fire Brigade emphasizes that preventive measures are more effective than extinguishing fires. They recommend ensuring cigarette butts are completely extinguished before disposing of them in bins, on roadsides, or in areas with flammable materials. It is important to report any dangerous situations involving transformers, power lines, or branches touching electrical wires to the 188 Electric Fault Line.

Before pruning branches that touch electrical wires, ensure the power is cut and the area below is cleared of dry grass. Fire extinguishers should be kept nearby. To avoid overloading power strips, do not use multiple high-power devices (like irons, refrigerators, and hairdryers) on the same power strip simultaneously.

Regularly service vehicles, including exhaust and tire checks, to prevent fuel leaks, short circuits, and sparks. Keep dry chemical fire extinguishers in vehicles and homes and learn how to use them. From May 1 to October 31, avoid lighting fires for any reason, including cleaning purposes. When using grills and ovens, clear the area around them of dry grass and flammable materials. Clear the area of flammable materials when using welding or cutting equipment and keep fire extinguishers handy.

The Fire Brigade also advises insuring homes and businesses against fire risks to cover potential damages. They urge residents to report any signs of smoke or fire immediately to the fire hotline at 199, the forest fire hotline at 177, or the police emergency line at 155.

By adhering to these guidelines, the Fire Brigade aims to reduce the risk of fires and ensure prompt response in case of an emergency.

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