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PM Üstel: Azerbaijan-TRNC Relations at Historic High

PM Üstel: Azerbaijan-TRNC Relations at Historic High

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel stated that the relations between Azerbaijan and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) are at their highest level in history.

Publish Date: 13/06/24 14:15
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PM Üstel: Azerbaijan-TRNC Relations at Historic High
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Üstel traveled to Baku to attend the official opening ceremony of the international conference "Turkish States: Towards New Strategic Goals in the Context of Geostrategic Realities and Global Disasters."

During the conference, Üstel will also engage in discussions with leaders and representatives from member countries of the Organization of Turkic States. Additionally, he will visit the memorial of Azerbaijan's national leader Heydar Aliyev and the Turkish Martyrs' Cemetery. Tomorrow, he will head to Shusha to participate in the conference.

The conference in Shusha will feature two sessions: "The Organization of Turkic States: Regional Contributions to Global Security" and "Party Diplomacy as a New Dialogue Platform in the Context of Modernity's Common Values."

Before departing for Azerbaijan, Üstel made the following remarks:

"Since becoming an observer member of the Organization of Turkic States, we have made significant strides in our relations with Turkic states. The relationship between Azerbaijan and the TRNC is at an unprecedented high. Azerbaijan's sincere efforts to support the Turkish Cypriots' integration with both Turkic states and the world bring us great happiness. Besides intergovernmental relations, the cooperation protocol signed between the National Unity Party and the New Azerbaijan Party exemplifies the spirit of this conference. This inter-party cooperation has positively influenced our intergovernmental relations.

We have seen firsthand the positive impact of strong inter-party cooperation and developed diplomacy on interstate and intergovernmental relations. Therefore, we will continue to enhance our relationships with Azerbaijan and all member countries of the Organization of Turkic States at the governmental, party, and civil society levels. I am very pleased to be in Shusha, which has been liberated. The fact that this meeting is held in Shusha, which is Azerbaijani land, is extremely significant.

Our goal is to establish Friendship Groups between parliaments with all member countries of the Organization of Turkic States. As a result of our developing relations, Azerbaijan has formed a Friendship Group with the TRNC in its parliament. We aim for these groups to be established by other member countries as well.

Azerbaijani President Aliyev recently expressed his open support for the TRNC’s full membership in the Organization of Turkic States. We salute him. I believe that in the not-too-distant future, we will become a full member of the Organization of Turkic States."

Responding to a question about the conference's theme, Üstel said:

"We must ensure coordinated and effective cooperation against potential disasters in the Turkic geography and establish concrete mechanisms to stand by each other during difficult times, alongside our existing emotional bonds. In this context, the agreement reached to establish the 'Turkish States Organization Civil Protection Mechanism' is extremely important. We are ready to contribute to the upcoming efforts with our resources, experience, and capabilities."

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