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Evidence Surfaces of Evidence Destruction in KSTU Investigation

Evidence Surfaces of Evidence Destruction in KSTU Investigation

In the ongoing investigation of the Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University (KSTU), substantial evidence has emerged indicating that Secretary General and shareholder Serdal Gündüz and his assistant Berk Özbek destroyed incriminating evidence. The preliminary hearing, held today, saw police presenting digital and physical remnants supporting these allegations. The trial will resume on Thursday, June 20.

Publish Date: 13/06/24 16:03
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Evidence Surfaces of Evidence Destruction in KSTU Investigation
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During today's session at the Güzelyurt District Court, the eighth witness, Police Investigation Officer Ortunç Özbaylı, provided a detailed account of the investigation, presenting collected evidence to the court.

Serdal Gündüz and Berk Özbek were arrested in February as part of a probe led by the Police General Directorate’s Financial Crimes Division. At today's initial hearing, they faced charges on 98 counts.

Judge Gülay Uğur presided over the session, with Prosecutor Damla Güçlü representing the state and attorneys Doğa Zeki and Hasan Yücelen defending the accused.

Officer Özbaylı testified that the investigation began on February 5 when Ece Uysal’s representative, Mehmet Altuntaş, filed a complaint against Gündüz and Özbek for alleged misconduct at the university. Altuntaş’s power of attorney was submitted as the first piece of evidence.

On February 7, Gündüz was summoned to the police station, where he reportedly declared, "I am the owner of the school," before being arrested under a court order. His mobile phone was examined by the Police General Directorate’s Data Analysis Unit, with the expert report presented as evidence.

Officer Özbaylı also included documents detailing Özbek’s appointment to the financial affairs department.

Further evidence included a laptop confiscated from Gündüz’s daughter on February 9.

Officer Özbaylı revealed that on February 8, Özbek was located at the university, where his mobile phone was also seized and examined. Additionally, accounting records and student data were retrieved from the university’s accounting department on February 9.

Photographic evidence obtained from the university’s accounting supervisor's phone depicted the accused allegedly burning documents prior to the police investigation. These images were submitted to the court.

Following the presentation of evidence, the defense requested an adjournment. Judge Uğur scheduled the next hearing for Thursday, June 20.

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