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Özkunt Calls for Local Trial of Driver in Gemikonağı Accident

Özkunt Calls for Local Trial of Driver in Gemikonağı Accident

Nevzat Özkunt, General Secretary of the Social Democratic Party (TDP), has called for the prosecution of 22-year-old driver Mehmet Eren Erdoğan, who was responsible for the death of 26-year-old Naveed Akbar in Gemikonağı, to take place in a Turkish Cypriot court. Erdoğan, who was driving under the influence, caused the accident that claimed Akbar’s life.

Publish Date: 20/06/24 11:49
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Özkunt Calls for Local Trial of Driver in Gemikonağı Accident
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In a written statement, Özkunt emphasized the tragic and unjust nature of Akbar’s death, highlighting the deep sorrow and anger felt by Akbar’s loved ones and the broader community. He stated, “If your only crime is sitting on a bench, then this death is considered a murder.”

Özkunt argued that the death caused by an individual driving under the influence for personal pleasure must face accountability in court. He stressed the inevitability of justice for such a "murder-like" incident.

"Perception of Injustice in Our Country"

Özkunt underscored the need for the perpetrator to be tried in the independent courts of northern Cyprus, regardless of their identity, race, or gender. He pointed out the recent protests demanding justice for Akbar, which received coverage in the Pakistani media, suggesting that the incident has created a perception that justice will not be served in northern Cyprus.

He stated, “The cry for justice, which has found its way into the Pakistani media, has fostered the perception that a person who takes a young life in northern Cyprus can escape justice and that justice will not prevail in our country. Both the citizens of northern Cyprus and nationals from other countries residing here, as well as the Pakistani media, are saying this. If there is a legal obstacle to trying this person in our country, the government and opposition must come together immediately to enact the necessary legal amendments. The trials of incidents that occur in our country must be conducted here in accordance with international law.”

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